How to Open the Main Console of Your Trend Micro Security Suite?
But, sometimes, executing a scheduled scan is not enough. And when you have the desire to run a new scan or crisscross for immediate updates, you’ll have to open the main console. Some people are familiar with opening the console but many are not. So, this article by Trend Micro Support techies is here to help those users.

The main console of your security agent contains important information associated with the system’s scan, update schedule, and virus pattern. Furthermore, it acts as the central location to run updates, perform scans, and configure settings. Hope, you understood the importance of opening the Trend Micro’s Main Console. Because it supports providing you with some vital statistics.

How to Open the Main Console of Your Trend Micro Security Suite?

Being the user of this excellent security suite, you can open the console with help of any of the below:

System Tray Icon

Here, accessing the security is possible via using one of the accessible icons on the system tray. You have to click the arrow pointing in the upward direction and existing on the taskbar. After that, locate the Trend Micro Icon. It supports a small red-colored circle along with a white arrow. Double-clicking on this icon will launch the console for you. For any help in this, consult Trend Micro Support techies.

Desktop Icon

As per the Trend Micro Support experts, opening the console is also possible by clicking the security icon present on your desktop. The protection software will create a shortcut icon during the installation itself. However, if you are unable to do so at that time, there is the option to do it at any time by discovering the product in Windows Explorer. After that, you have to select and right-click the option ‘create shortcut’. Now, copy and then paste the icon on your desktop.

This offers you an easy to open the main console whenever you want just by using this icon on the desktop.

Start Menu

With this option, you can access the main console of your security from the easily accessible Start Menu. Click on the “Start” button - > select “All Programs” - > Locate and select “Trend Micro” folder - > hit the option holding the details to launch the relevant main console. If there is any difficulty in locating any of the options or buttons, take Trend Micro Customer Support.

Search Bar

Are all the aforementioned methods of launching the main console fail or seem unavailable? No need to worry and go with this tactic of Trend Micro Technical Support professionals. Here, you should begin with using the search function present in the Start Menu. You have to click the ‘Start’ option on the bottom left corner of your desktop screen. Now, in the search field, type ‘Trend Micro’. Wait for a while as the Windows may take some time in searching your PC. After that, you will come across a list of links associated with your security. Find out, select, and click the Trend Micro Security Icon. Doing this will launch the relevant main console for you.

These are the simple and effective method that will help you in opening the main console with great ease. But, if any of the aforementioned tactics is unable to assist, then it appears as a major issue. Hence, at that time, there is a need to take Trend Micro Technical Support. The professionals here will tell you the real cause responsible for the occurrence of the problem. With the intelligent and proficient technical support experts will assist you to remove the same. So, what you have to do for getting satisfactory aid? Dial the toll-free support helpline number – 1800 83 24 24 which will serve you with excellent aid from experts.

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